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Bro/Sis Sibling Tag!

I’ve always been extremely close with my family and we can always have a laugh when we’re together. This weekend was the first time in a few years that all 4 members of our family have been together and we were joined by an extra member who will be joining us forever more- my future sister-in-law! 🙂

As I will be moving back to HK soon, it will be a while before I see my brother again, so to commemorate this special occasion, we decided to film the sibling tag whilst we still could. It was absolutely hilarious and we had as much fun filming it as my family did watching.

Here you go:

Hilarious Outtakes:


The Blame Game!

There are 3 things in people that I don’t get along with;
1. People who are always putting others down/being negative towards others
These people just spread negativity and not only do they make others feel bad, they most likely feel sad themselves. Don’t spread negativity people! We should support each other and help each other out! Love thy neighbour!

2. People who always complain about everything
It’s fine to be frustrated sometimes and have a rant, but it’s an entirely different thing if you are always complaining about other people/things. We need to be more open, accepting and forgive others. Think before you complain- do you do the same things you are complaining about? Will you complaining really help or are you doing it to piss people off?

3. People who always blame other people/other things instead of taking responsibility.
Life is what you make it, stop making excuses for why your life is going wrong and act on it to put it right.


Secrets of a Call Centre Agent!

Working as a call centre agent in college, I came across a lot of very horrible people on the phone. It was a job that I hated but loved at the same time.

I loved when I was able to turn a bad situation around and make an angry or unhappy customer happy by the end of the call, but sometimes I felt like I didn’t get paid enough to be spoken to and sworn at the way that I did.

People can forget that the person answering the call is just an employee, not the CEO of the company, nor god. We have to abide by all the rules of the company and most of the time, our hands are tied. We aren’t being difficult for the fun of it, it is because there is literally nothing we can do.

Not only this, but we also have goals set by the company:
– Call times need to be within a certain time frame, and longer and we get reprimanded (but what the people higher up don’t know is that sometimes it is necessary for a longer call to give the best customer service and to fully solve the customers problems)
-We weren’t allowed to call customers back (as this costs the company money, although if you think about it the other way round, the unhappy customer will be even more unhappy at having to spend money calling us.)
-We had key words that we were not allowed to say/tell customers

I personally would go above and beyond to help my customers, I knew how to phrase my words to get the answers I needed from them and I didn’t look at cutting my talk time down – I wanted to have their problem solved by the time they put their phone down. I even called back customers (even though I shouldn’t) and when our online systems were down, I came off my lunch break early to contact customers once it was back up.

At the end of the day, the call centre agent is doing their job, there will always be good ones and bad ones, but most of them are trying to help, so next time you call up a call centre, try to understand that being rude to them won’t help. Be nice and they’ll work harder to please you.


What is your music personality?

Does anyone else feel like they have a different music personality compared to your normal personality?

I love angry, powerful, emo, FU, stick the middle finger up type music. However, I’m sure most of you will know that my personality is the exact opposite. I’m quiet, shy and never argue back. I think that I like angry music because it’s my only outlet to let out any anger or stress, when I listen to the songs, it makes me feel more powerful and I have confidence to be like YEAH- FU! Then, I can revert back to the normal me for day-to-day life. XD

What is your music personality?