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‘Cause you had a Bad Day…

I’d like to think that I’m usually a positive person, however sometimes I too get bad days. What’s weird is that even on a ‘bad day’, there is no particular reason why it is as such, there hasn’t been something that happened to me that’s made me have a bad day.. but even so, I want to crawl into my bed with some “I’m angry at the whole world” music, shut the world out and have a good ol’ cry.


What it takes to be a Researcher

To grow as a person, we must question the way we do things, we must question the things other people ask of us and we must live outside of the comfort zone. We must make mistakes and learn from them, in order to be able to understand how to improve the way we do things, just like in research.

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Bro/Sis Sibling Tag!

I’ve always been extremely close with my family and we can always have a laugh when we’re together. This weekend was the first time in a few years that all 4 members of our family have been together and we were joined by an extra member who will be joining us forever more- my future sister-in-law! 🙂

As I will be moving back to HK soon, it will be a while before I see my brother again, so to commemorate this special occasion, we decided to film the sibling tag whilst we still could. It was absolutely hilarious and we had as much fun filming it as my family did watching.

Here you go:

Hilarious Outtakes: