To the troll using my name…

It came to my attention that someone has been using my name/my info to comment on another persons blog. I am not connected to this other person in any way other than it being an acquaintance of my boyfriend.

I want to make it clear that whoever is taking my name and using me as a front to do terrible things to this other person, I DO NOT agree with what you are doing, neither will I let you carry on in this way.

If you have a problem with this person, then you act like an adult and speak with them. This whole drama has been going on for over a year and to begin with, my name was not involved.

Despite this, I could see how malicious the posts were and so I did what I could to minimise the hurt to the other person by reporting the posts and accounts whenever I saw them. I did not NEED to do this because it had nothing to do with me, I was not the one being harassed. However, I reported said posts because no matter who they were being sent to- they were posts filled with malice and nobody deserved to have that happen to them.

It began with hateful Instagram posts (at least that was when I first came to know about these things) which my boyfriend told me about, not because he felt that I had anything to do with these posts but out of respect for his friend, he had to ask the question-was I involved?

To be honest, when I heard about all the things going on, if I was the victim, I would strongly suspect myself too. If anyone had any reason to want to hate her or be jealous, it should be me. Obviously it’s not something I would do, firstly I don’t have such hatred for someone who I have never met, nor am I immature enough to have to lower myself to such tactics. Plus, for what reason should I be jealous of her? I might not have the best life, but I am happy with the little things I do have and that’s all I need in my life.

It is not my business what the relationship is or was between my boyfriend and the victim, nor do I care about what did or did not happen in the past. I don’t understand why anyone would feel the need to harass someone else and not only have they harassed her on multiple social media accounts, they are dragging people who are not involved into this drama.

I want NO PART of this drama.

There is no reason for ANYONE to do such horrible things to another person. I do not know the victim personally but I feel bad that someone is targeting her in such a way. Whatever is in the past is just that-the past. Why drag everyone involved and not involved into this? From what I understand, the perpertrator isn’t even involved themselves! If that is the case then this whole situation is even more absurd!

Those of you that know me personally or even just through social media know how much I hate bullying. It is absolutely not acceptable in any case. It is even worse that you are using my name and pretending I am the one to do such things!

To whoever it is that is doing this, I urge you to stop this childishness and move on with your life. What exactly has the victim done to you for you to target her for over 1 year? If you have any backbone you would reveal yourself and apologise to the victim. If you’re not able to do that, then I would appreciate you to stop tagging all of us and using our names to spread your hate. 

stop bullying


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