Batman Vs Superman!

Like many girlfriends this week, I was dragged by my boyfriend to the first early morning screening of Batman Vs Superman this week. Although we had to wake up early to catch the bus and make the one hour trip to our nearest cinema with available seats on a rainy, gloomy thursday morning..I must admit that I did enjoy the movie.

I can’t say I liked it as much as I enjoyed Deadpool with Ryan Reynolds (I may be slightly biased here.. Ryan Reynolds is so friggen hot! Even in dead pool when he looked like a dried up testicle..) Deadpool had the perfect amount of action plus humour which is the kind of film that I personally enjoy the most.

Batman Vs Superman on the other hand, was very dark and serious. It had a fair amount of action and the action scenes were very cool but I think the movie took too long to get to the final battle scene. Considering I had woken up early to watch this 2.5hour film after going to bed rather late the night before…it made me feel a little sleepy.

That’s not to say the movie was not good. It was great- Henry Cavill was an incredible Superman and Ben Affleck also did a great job portraying the dark knight. Wonder woman played by Gal Gadot was smoking hot and I loved it when she joined in on the battle. It was also a great prelude to the upcoming DC movies.

I am no DC expert so I cannot contest to how close to the comics the movie resembles, however I have heard from my boyfriend (who is a superhero fanatic) that the majority of the scenes have been taken from the comics.

Personally, I prefer the MARVEL franchise as Marvel tends to bring in a more humorous aspect into their movies which I really enjoy, whilst DC keeps the scenes quite dark and serious. However, I do think the film is worth a watch especially if you are a fan of the Batman and Superman movies. All in all, I would watch the movie again- but only if someone else is paying.


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