Toxic Friends, Toxic People – Keep them out of your life!

I am extremely lucky that I have a close network of wonderful friends who have always got my back. Whether in Hong Kong or in UK, I know that these people will drop everything and help me when I need them. These people are the people I choose to have around me and just in the same way that they are always there for me, I will always be there for them too.

Unfortunately, not everybody out there is as nice and kind as my friends are. There are people out there who seek attention from their peers, who need their peers to constantly be at their beck and call, whilst they themselves will never be there for their ‘friends’ and those who step on their friends in order to make themselves look better.

These are the people I choose to avoid giving the exclusive status as my ‘friend’. Nobody should keep these people around them- they will only suck out your energy, your success and they will be constantly waiting to put you down under the pretense of being your ‘friend’.

I simply cannot understand why people like to put others people down. If this is the only way they can make themselves seem better then perhaps they should spend more time on improving themselves instead of trying to knock others down.

Don’t tolerate people like this. We should be happy with who we are, what we do and whatever we accomplish in life. Never let anyone make you feel bad about yourself.

These people will never help you out no matter how much you think they are your friend, so the best thing to do is to cut them out of your life altogether. Maybe you feel like you’ll be losing a friend, but trust me- these people are not the type of people you want as your ‘friend’. By cutting them out, you will be saving yourself from drama, from backstabbing and you will gain so much more by having only real friends around you.


2 thoughts on “Toxic Friends, Toxic People – Keep them out of your life!

  1. Have you had a feud with a “friend” lately? Knocking others down is a shortcut to getting social dominance, as opposed to gaining that with real achievements. Maybe that’s why people put others down…

    1. Haha, no I have no issues with any of my friends, but I know someone that has a friend like this and I didn’t like how they were being attacked by their so called friend. It hurt me to see my friend get hurt in this way.

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