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I got lost…in love with an indian guy.

Yo guys! It’s been a while! I keep neglecting my blog and my YouTube because I’ve been way too busy…or maybe I’ve just been way too lazy…Meh~ Tomato TomAto.

I guess it’s about time I talk about the one thing that seems to have taken over my life even more than the PhD. What’s that I hear you ask? (Or maybe I don’t but my music is on pretty loud and I’m going to tell you anyway.)

Well, the answers in the title of this post- Yes, I have embarked on the journey that is called falling in love. Not that this is unfamiliar territory to me at all, I have been in love before, but my first love was a guy that was a BBC so now that I am with a non-chinese, it’s a very different journey of life.

Dating an indian guy is not something I had planned for when I decided to return to HK for my PhD. In fact, my plan was to find a nice chinese guy with good english that I could drag back to the UK with me. Instead I found a sweet, smart, sexy guy who so happened to come from Delhi, India.

My Sexy Indian Guy
My Sexy Indian Guy

The first thing that made my heart skip a little beat when I met this lovely guy was that our plans and visions of the future seemed to compliment each other. We both had dreams of settling in the west with a cute little family, pets, a cosy house with a picturesque garden. The fact that I was chinese and he was indian didn’t and does not make things difficult for either of us much to my surprise.

In fact, I think it actually makes our relationship even better. We both embrace each others cultures and love to learn about the different cultures. We’re both very open people thanks to our families being very open and supportive so we have never had any issues despite being from completely different countries.

One of the things my boyfriend was most worried about was how my parents would react to him being indian and whether that would change our relationship. A previous bad experience had left him feeling that if my parents were to be against this relationship, then we could go no further. My response to his worries: “Who gives a F what they think.” This is something I completely stand by and I cannot understand any person that will let their parents influence who they love.

Love has no boundaries, no race, no religion. If we love each other and we treat each other well, I don’t see any reason why our difference in colour or religion should prohibit us from being together. I’m actually pretty excited to see how chindian babies will look like!

We love to take the piss out of each other and each others culture but when it comes down to it, we fully embrace everything that comes along with being in a chindian relationship. We’ve been together for a short while now, but I’m absolutely psyched to see how this goes, so far so good!


6 thoughts on “I got lost…in love with an indian guy.

  1. Congratulations. Just continue to keep an open mind and see how things turn out even better than you expected.

    By the way, I love the phrase “Chindian”. Did you coin it yourself or someone did that before you?

    I ask coz its the first time I’ve heard the phrase “Chindian”. Its a good buzz.

    1. Hey! Apologies for the delayed response XD
      Chindian is a term that people seem to have used for a while for chinese-indian mix XD I hadn’t heard of it before either XD

  2. I love everything about this!!! Im actually going through a lot of trouble myself with interracial dating. Im a white women in college and I’ve been dating a black man for 3 years now and my parents have no idea. If they did they would disown me. I have a sister but I no longer talk to her because she doesn’t accept me. I truly am inspired by your words! I know that was a lot but i just want to let you know! You go girl!!!

    1. Aw Thanks! Apologies for the delayed reply, I haven’t been on WordPress for a while due to exams XD
      Good luck with your relationship and don’t let anyone get you down! πŸ™‚

  3. I haven’t been on wordpress for ages Bex and totally missed out on this lovely gushy gooey post πŸ˜› You two look adorable together and I can’t wait to meet him one day! πŸ˜€
    Sorry that I’ve been a bit distance, been right down recently (not for any particular reason either just having a series of panic attacks…) miss you though! Glad you’re happy :-*

    1. Aww hahaha XD Thanks, I can’t wait for him to meet you tooo! πŸ™‚
      Aww hope you’re OK now- don’t have panic attacks! 😦 Are you stressed about something which is giving you the panic attacks?
      If you ever need to have a chat you know I’ll be here for you! ^_^ Miss you lots xxx

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