Hong Kong · life in HK

HK needs more than 24 hours!

Hong Kong is one of the busiest places I have ever been to and it’s a place I absolutely love for the night life. It’s a non-stop city, always bustling, full of people and there is always this amazing buzzing atmosphere no matter what time of the day it is.

If anything, I think it gets busier the later it gets in the evening. Shops tend to open a little later than they would have done in the UK, but they also stay open much later. You can go for shopping in the mall until 10pm, or sometimes even later. If I was in the UK, everything closes by 6pm and all there is to do late at night is going to the pub or clubbing.

Here though, you can go for romantic dates after work with no worries that there will be nothing to do or hang out with your friends and come home late at night without worrying about what time the last bus will be. It is also such a safe city that you can return home alone without being afraid that you might need some kind of bodyguard to escort you home safely.

It’s an amazing city but there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything. I can’t wait to experience even more in this wonderful city!


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