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First week of term at HKUST

Wow, I can’t believe the first week went so quickly! It has been an eventful week, sometimes irritating, sometimes hilarious but by just this week alone I already know that my decision to come to HKUST is probably one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Here is just a short summary of my first week here at UST:

Monday: I spent most of the day wandering around getting lost and trying to find rooms that didn’t seem to exist. For those of you new to HKUST, I would advise that you try to find your room either the day before, or leave 30-40 minutes early to give you time to get lost. There are lots of lifts here at HKUST, but not all of them will get you to where you want so even though you know what level you want, you can’t just take any lift to that level and then walk to your room. No. It doesn’t work like that as I found out the hard way. I went up and down about 5 different lifts before I finally got to the lab I needed to go to…20 minutes late. Thankfully the prof. that I was supposed to find was very nice and told me that it was very usual for the first day of term and soon I’ll know the campus like the back of my hand. I hope he is right…or else I’ll be wandering around like a headless chicken everyday for the next 3-4 years.

Tuesday: Tuesdays are my busiest days, I say busiest, I have 2 courses and one of them is from 6pm-8:50pm! I never had classes so late in the UK before, but I think in HK its normal for PG students. Surprisingly I didn’t find the classes too boring and dare I say it, I actually find it kinda interesting! The lecturers I had were really good and they had great english too, in fact I have had lectures by Profs in Cardiff with far worse english!

The rest of the week was pretty mundane, nothing in particular happened just the usual labs and courses. The weekend is the best part of my week though…

Friday: I had class on Friday but I spent the rest of the day either in lab or at home reading some papers and watching a health and safety video (It is 2.5 hours long and I have to watch all of it and then do a test on it =_= very boring.) The evening was great fun though and my friends and I had tickets to a pizza party down by the beach with unlimited drinks and lots of Pizza. By the time we got there, lots of pizza was gone and the remaining pizza was quickly eaten by everyone else, but it was a fun night.

Saturday: This was a lovely day! A few of us (I think there were about 12 of us actually in total) went hiking nearby- we took a route called the high junk peak country trail. It was so beautiful and for those of you looking for a relatively easy but still exhausting hike, then you should totally go here.

We hiked to Clearwater bay beach, where we played in the water and some of the others even went swimming! When we were done playing, we returned to uni smelly, hungry and tired; possibly stinking out the whole of LG7 (The canteen) whilst we wolfed down our dinner.

The night ended with some last minute plans for birthday celebrations and a quick pit stop to McCafe to get a cake, before surprising a fellow PG student and friend on his birthday. 🙂

Sunday: Everyone was pretty tired by sunday after hiking and everything so most of us slept in a little later than usual. In fact, some people slept all day… (not me though.) I had a lovely stroll by the beach and hanging out with friends, we all got a hot chocolate treat from the birthday boy, then a few of us made the trip to Megabox in Kowloon Bay for dinner and a spot of window shopping.

All in all, a wonderful first week and I’m looking forward to another great week.

Happy Mid-autumn Festival everyone! ❤


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