Secret Life of Students?!

I was watching a show on Channel 4 about students the other day and I felt like it just showed that students did a lot of drinking and having sex. For those who aren’t into that sort of thing and are worried that they won’t fit in at university, I want to let you know that university is not all about alcohol and sex at all.

Instead, here’s my advice for Freshers about to start university (You can watch the video at the end if you don’t want to read!):

1. It’s OK if you don’t drink alcohol. It’s totally OK if you don’t want to drink for whatever reason, whilst a lot of university students do drink, if you don’t want to, don’t worry. There will be plenty of others who would be happy to stay in and do other non-alcohol related things so don’t feel like you HAVE to drink to make friends.

2. Don’t feel pressured to have sex. Not everyone at university is looking to get laid. If you don’t want to, just say NO! Don’t feel like everyone is doing it so you have to too, nobody will judge you for having standards and not sleeping around. In fact, I urge you to stay true to your beliefs and not jump into bed with everyone you meet. Those who are going to university to get laid – be sensible and USE PROTECTION! Ain’t nobody got time for STIs or teenage pregnancies!

3. It’s normal to feel homesick. Most students will feel a bit homesick in the first few weeks/months, so don’t worry. When you first start, you may feel lonely, clueless, out of place like a fish out of water, but it’s completely normal, lots of people get this and it does get better. Once you get used to your surroundings, you will wonder what all the fuss was about!

4. You are there to study. Don’t forget that the whole point of university is further education. You are there to learn so don’t forget to work as well. If you learn to time manage well during your 1st year, you will find that the subsequent years will be much easier to transition to.

5. Make the most of the experience. University opens up so many opportunities, so be open to new things and try to experience a bit of everything. Join societies, makes lots of friends, visit different cities, go out and enjoy yourself. There are so many things to do at university but you have to be proactive and go out in order to get the best experience possible from the 3-4 years at university.

Good Luck!


3 thoughts on “Secret Life of Students?!

  1. This is so true! I think that program showed students in such a bad light and just completely ignored all the fun you can have and all the amazing friends you make! They’re just giving adults a stereotypical view of student life and another reason to tut disapprovingly at us. xx

    1. Exactly! I’m hoping that further on in the program maybe they’ll go more into all the other things that students do, but if I was watching that program before I went to uni, I would be very scared/worried as a non-drinker, quiet-ish 18 year old. University has so many things going on that everyone has a chance to fit in and enjoy it, but the program made it seem like if you didn’t drink alcohol, you wouldn’t fit in.

      1. I know what you mean! I would have been absolutely terrified after watching that! Some of my flatmates this year didn’t drink and they were never left out or bullied.. we all just got on and had a good time together. They really need to show a more positive view of students! x

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