Reflecting on my MChem degree

I thought it would be appropriate now that I have finished my masters degree and got my results to reflect back on the overall degree.

So, my degree was a 4 year integrated masters course and it was pretty intensive. The first year I had no idea what to expect and was majorly caught up with new experiences, falling in love and the whole Freshers feel so I didn’t perform/study as well as I know I could of. I remember in the first few weeks/months there were times where I felt really homesick despite not having lived with my parents for over a year. I would call my brother all the time during the first few weeks and he was always there to calm me down and make me feel better.

I even remember (quite vividly) one call where I broke down in tears and so hung up on Ray because I didn’t want him to hear me cry! We carried on the conversation via text and Ray told me that he felt homesick at uni too and it was his daily phone calls with me and his box set of Friends that got him through (Hahaha). I don’t know what I would have done without his support. I also watched Friends every single day and being able to have a laugh definitely helped me to unwind. It is surprising how valuable a box set of Friends dvds is. For anyone about to embark on the journey that is University, I highly recommend getting the Friends box set!

I don’t remember what my average was for the 1st year but it wasn’t as high as I would have liked that’s for sure. I remember my meeting with my personal tutor where he told me I needed to make sure I do better next time as generally the trend is that people do worse every year as the course gets harder. However, in my case, the opposite was true. My average actually got better every year. I think it was mainly me taking more of a control of my studies and being less distracted by other things.

The second year I did a lot better and this year was the time when I really got to know my group of friends and became closer to them. In first year, you become friends with everyone without really knowing who your real friends are, but in second year, you settle down with the people that will be your friends forever more. We would study together in the library, which is something I used to hate, but with this group of friends it was actually really helpful and actually made revising so much easier! It is so great to have a group of friends that could help each other. I definitely feel that if it wasn’t for my friends, I wouldn’t have done as well as I did. They really helped to pull me up in the areas that I was weakest in. My only regret is that I wish I spent more time with my friends hanging out or going places.

The third year was amazing. It was sad as I was no longer with my uni friends but I got to meet some other amazing people and learn so much stuff. I would recommend a year in industry to anyone and definitely do not regret doing it. I had so much fun in my third year. It was hard as I still had to do coursework and I had exams and a project to do, but my placement friends were very social and so helped me to destress by always having activities to do!

I was still in touch with my uni friends and so could still visit them now again and they helped me with my coursework even though we were on opposite sides of the UK! I realized just how valuable my friendship was with both groups of friends and I couldn’t have asked for nicer or better friends.

As for my fourth and final year. It was my worst year stress wise. I pretty much hated this year, but it is also the year where I have gotten the best marks and the highest average over the 4 years. It was tough not being with my friends but I had my dad here as my support, he would make me feel better whenever I had a bad day and always always made the most delicious food. 🙂

I’m glad it’s all over now but I’m very grateful for the past 4 years. I have met the most wonderful people, learnt a lot of things and had the best experiences.

For anyone just about to start university: Good Luck! You’ll love it!




2 thoughts on “Reflecting on my MChem degree

  1. “as well as I know I could of”
    This brings up the grammar nazi in me: “I know I could HAVE! ”
    You’re not allowed to ever make that mistake again, young lady, I’ll hunt you down and make you write it a million times with molecules!
    That being said, congratulations for your degree, best of luck in Hong Kong and hopefully, things will calm down there with all those demonstrations.
    Looking forward to reading your PhD, when would that be available? :p

    1. Lol sorry!
      Thanks. Demonstrations in hk are normal on 1st July as it’s the day that hk was given back to China.
      I won’t start the PhD until September, so I probably won’t write much about it until then but I move to hk in 2 weeks so I’ll probably write lots about hong kong 🙂

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