The Blame Game!

There are 3 things in people that I don’t get along with;
1. People who are always putting others down/being negative towards others
These people just spread negativity and not only do they make others feel bad, they most likely feel sad themselves. Don’t spread negativity people! We should support each other and help each other out! Love thy neighbour!

2. People who always complain about everything
It’s fine to be frustrated sometimes and have a rant, but it’s an entirely different thing if you are always complaining about other people/things. We need to be more open, accepting and forgive others. Think before you complain- do you do the same things you are complaining about? Will you complaining really help or are you doing it to piss people off?

3. People who always blame other people/other things instead of taking responsibility.
Life is what you make it, stop making excuses for why your life is going wrong and act on it to put it right.


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