Low meat & flour: 1 week update!

I wrote about my struggles with weight/body confidence last week (See post here: Starving myself?) so I thought I would update you on my low meat & flour diet.

It has only been one week so I can’t say much about whether I’ve lost any weight or not – pounds don’t drop off overnight! I’m expecting to hopefully feel better and have more defined weight loss in about a month, but let me just emphasize again that I’m not wanting to become anorexic or something, I just want to be a little happier in my body, with some of my problem areas (belly and thunder thighs) a little less…wobbly.

However, in regards to my eating habits, I was having a relatively OK time with not having meat and flour, although I got lots of cravings yesterday. All I could think of during my 3 hour walk with dad (we do this quite often!) was food. I kept having fluffy white soft sandwiches popping into my head, then the next thing would be sweets – for those of you that don’t know I absolutely LOVE sweets! I don’t buy sweets for myself often as I know that if I do, I will finish the whole pack that day. Even when dad and I passed by a sweetshop the other day, my body had walked past the store but my eyes lingered longer.

I have been good though and not given into any of those cravings, I’ve eaten pretty well so far and so as much as I really really want sweets and other foods, I will not give in! I have found that I’m sleeping much better nowadays as well- I think that has more to do with exercising more, rather than due to the diet but that’s always a good thing! Saying that though, I did have a couple of rough nights sleep because I’m still stressing about my results. (I can never switch this stupid brain off!)

All in all, I reckon it’s going well. I’m not getting too desperate for meat (which I am very surprised about!) and I’m used to restricting myself on the sweets front so that’s not so much of a bother. I do miss bread though, I love all sorts of bread and it’s the smell of pastries in the supermarkets that really makes my mouth water. I stood by the pastries section in Lidl the other day, sniffing the pastry smell and taking it all in- does that sound weird?! Just to be clear, I wasn’t actually sniffing the bread I was just… sniffing the air that contained the fragrance of eau de croissant. XD Anyway, hopefully I’ll see some more results next week!


4 thoughts on “Low meat & flour: 1 week update!

  1. I love bread way too much 😛 But good for you not craving meat! 😀
    Oh and sweet wise I have a new found addiction to rhubarb and custard sweets :/… I think my teeth will regret it haha!

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