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Life in Limbo

I finished my exams last week- YAY! Finally!

So, now that I have around 6 weeks until I get my results, I have some time to relax but not so much because I need to get my results before I can fully let go 😛

What have I done this past week then? Well, not alot unfortunately. I have been telling myself whilst I was revising that once exams are over I will start exercising everyday so that I can lose some weight and get in shape for HK..that has not exactly gone to plan. I am telling myself I will start next week, but we’ll see about that XD

I’ve spent most of my days watching Numb3rs on Netfix, it’s pretty cool but I feel like a bit of a slob haha. I guess this is what most people are like when they’re at the stage I’m at…right? It’s just nice to not have to do any revision or worry about work, although I am still a bit on edge about my results. I need a 2.1 to get my PhD position, which should be fine as all my marks up til now have been enough to get me that, but I can’t help but worry still. I will just have to see how it goes, there is nothing I can do now anyway. 😛

I actually went to see two of my friends last weekend as well which was so nice! I haven’t seen the two of them in a while so it was lovely to catch up. We stayed in Birmingham which is where one of my friends lives. It is also somewhere that I have never been before, so it was nice to see a city I’ve never seen before! It makes me a little sad the closer I get to the day I leave that weekends like this won’t be happening as often, it will be so much more difficult to just meet up when I’m in HK. However, it will just mean that when we do get to meet up, it will be even more special.


4 thoughts on “Life in Limbo

  1. Ah I had a lovely weekend too 🙂 don’t worry this time is for doing nothing and resting before PhD starts! 🙂

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