Laughing in the rain

Laughing in the rain

Now, some people might know that I hate the rain – it makes me feel depressed and just, well, grumpy. Dad and I went for our usual walk into town and back yesterday, and it started off such a nice lovely sunny day that I didn’t even bother wearing a coat. BIG mistake. By the time I got into town, the sky had turned from bright blue and sunny to grey and miserable.

We stopped off at McDonalds for a quick drink as dad got a bit thirsty- now that I mention it, can I just bring up the new ordering system in McDonalds?
Dad and I haven’t been in McDonalds in such a long time, in fact I don’t even remember the last time I have actually had a McDonalds, so It is the first time that I have seen this new ordering system where you order your meal and then wait for it in an Argos style fashion.
I don’t really understand why they do it like that because I felt like more people were waiting for their food with this new system than with the old normal system. It wasn’t even busy and yet there was a large group of people just waiting for their number to come up on the screen so they can collect their meal.

The lady before us ordered just one cheeseburger, which on the old system would normally be there straight away, but this new system meant she had to wait to ‘collect’ her one cheeseburger even though her cheeseburger was already there. Dad and I only ordered 2 drinks and yet instead of them making it straightaway so that we could leave, we had to wait until our number was on the screen even though we could see that the person on the drinks ‘station’ had already made our drink and it was sitting there waiting for the person handing out the orders to make his way through the orders to finally call our order number.

It was a very strange way of doing things and I’m not entirely convinced it makes it any easier or efficient, but I guess they wanted to try something new. There are restaurants in HK that do adopt this style of ordering, but they generally work much better than this possibly because rather than passing the order all the way down through the different steps, once it is completed it is immediately given to the customer. In HK though, most things are fast- if they aren’t people complain ALOT. It was only the other day where the MTR (HK’s equivalent of the tube in London) company sent out a message to everyone to apologise for a 2 minute delay. You’re lucky if your notified of ANY change to the service in the UK, let alone a 2 minute delay. There’s been plenty of times where my train has been cancelled, yet there is no information on the notice board.

I digress, back to our walk. After our quick drink, dad and I walked home. Halfway back, the heavens opened. Neither dad nor I had a raincoat or an umbrella (I know it’s stupid considering we’re in Cardiff, you’d think we would automatically know to carry umbrellas with us as soon as we leave the house) so we just had to trudge through and get wet. We did break briefly underneath a tree for shelter, but it didn’t look like the rain was going to stop anytime soon so we decided to just brave the rain and walk home as quickly as possible.

When we were walking in the rain, both of us started laughing (kind of like crazy people) at the stupidity of ourselves for not bringing an umbrella, and at the state that we were in. Both drenched, me looking a bit like a wet dog thanks to my long hair sticking to my face. It reminded me of the incident years ago where my family danced around a tree in London to stop me crying after getting drenched in the rain. That is one of my most cherished memories.

It strikes me that even though I really hate the rain and it usually makes me miserable, in the right company, even getting drenched to the bone is something I can laugh about. It didn’t matter that I was getting cold and looking a state, the fact that my dad was there with me and both of us were laughing about it made me feel like it didn’t matter what I looked like, or how wet I was getting. It was actually kind of fun.


One thought on “Laughing in the rain

  1. I had the same (kinda) thing yesterday! It was a lovely morning so I went to uni without a coat, literally in a cardigan and t-shirt and dolly shoes… then it rained waah 😦 xx

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