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Because the Night

Another daily prompt post: Because the Night.

Are you a night owl or are you the early bird? What’s your most productive time of day? When do you do your best work?

I would say I’m an early bird. I much prefer getting up early than staying up late. I normally can’t work well past 9pm. I know lots of my friends can work all through the night, but if I try, I get too sleepy around 11pm. I go to bed very early (10pm) and when always get up around 7:30, even when I have nothing I need to be up for. A lie-in is getting up at half 8 for me. Thats early for some of the PhD students I know. XD

For exams I normally get up a few hours early so I can do last minute cramming before the exam and just check I have as much of it in my head as possible for the exam. I know a few of my friends have actually pulled an all-nighter and revised all night and morning to cram, but I know I would be grumpy and not do well if I don’t sleep, so I don’t even bother!


4 thoughts on “Because the Night

  1. I’m definitely a morning person too! One of the PhD’s here laughs at me when I say I’m in bed before 11pm since he goes to bed at 2-3am!!! Crazyy!

    1. Hahaa yeah I was telling Amy that I went to bed late the other day and she was like oh what time?! I was like um half 11/12… And she was like what?!? I go to bed at like 2am normal time XD

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