All the emotions in the space of a week

This week has been stupidly crazy for me. I feel like I’ve felt all of the emotions over the space of just a few days.

I’ve been waiting for my PhD results for quite a while now and I eventually decided it has been too long and emailed my supervisors. One of them had thought I was no longer interested because I didn’t contact him again after my application was made (I didn’t think I needed to contact him…) so he had already accepted other students. When I spoke to him, he informed me that I should have bugged him about my application so then he could make sure it went through the system, at the moment – I am still ‘under consideration’. He has offered me however a position as a research assistant instead and then if I still want to remain in his group, and if he feels I am right for the group, he can upgrade me to a PhD.

This is not the result I wanted, but it is an offer that means if all else fails, I definitely have a job when I go back to HK- this is very important, even if I don’t get to upgrade to do the PhD.

The other university however has been entirely confusing and rather frustrating. It has caused me to feel happy and excited followed by frustration and worry. They have offered my opportunities abroad but then informed me that my GPA is too low (they were pitting my scores against the US system which works differently). Apparently anyone with a 2.1 or above is automatically admissible into grad school, but they thought my scores were too low. I already am on a 2.1 rather comfortably and this year will determine if I will be able to bump that up to a 1st or remain on a 2.1. I have since clarified the degree classification and hopefully they will get back to me.

I have also been offered an alternative by my current supervisor who has a contact in HK who may be able to offer a PhD position. I am yet to contact the professor as I want to wait to see what the other university says but this whole PhD thing is stressing me out a lot more than it’s meant to.

I am starting to wonder if it was actually worth the hassle of applying for PhD abroad. If I applied in the UK, I am sure I will not have had as much trouble.

Thankfully, I have had some good times this week too – I went to my last ChemBall of my degree, which was surprisingly good. The previous years have only been good due to having my friends there, but this year the food was actually good too. It would have been nice if some of my friends could have also come but it was on a tuesday night so it is understandable that they couldn’t come for the middle of the week.

My research project has also been going well too. I am not doing too much in terms of new work/research, I am mainly working on my presentation and dissertation but the atmosphere in the office has been much better lately and it is making me actually rather enjoy being there!


2 thoughts on “All the emotions in the space of a week

  1. Sorry I couldn’t come to chemball! I really wanted to šŸ˜¦ stupid Tuesdays!
    Don’t worry about the PhD situation, you definitely have something to go to HK for now, or even father afield so now you just need to concentrate on working and consider which you want to take šŸ™‚

    1. Thanks! I just feel like they’re pushing me one step forwards and then dragging me two steps back again…:/ I’ll message you on FB the email I got from them…xx

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