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Born to be with you

Another Daily Prompt post (I quite like their prompts sometimes :P)

Got a soul-mate and/or a best friend? What is it about that person that you love best? Describe them in great detail — leave no important quality out.

When I saw todays daily prompt, I thought long and hard about who I would write about. 3 people came to mind, 2 of them I consider my closest friends even though I’ve known both of them for only 2 and 4 years and one person who I have known ever since I was born. I had to go with the person I’ve known since I was born!

Who is this special person I hear you ask?

Well it’s none other than my wonderful big brother!


OK, so this might be cheating a bit to pick my big brother – but I consider Ray one of my best friends, what’s best is that even if we weren’t related, I would still choose him as a best friend. I’ve been pretty close to Ray ever since I could remember- we had our fights now and again when we were little- I remember whenever I got really angry I would go crazy and run at him but as he’s 5 years older than me, I would always end up being the one to get hurt. XD Haha

Even though we used to fight, he always had my back. He always got told off for things that I did and even when he knew it was me that did it, he never once said ‘but Rebecca did it!’. He just took whatever punishment got given to him. I on the other hand would scream ‘I’m telling MUM!’ whenever I had the chance… cor I was a bitch of a sister… >_<

There was an incident that happened when I was in primary school which I only told Ray the truth about a few years ago but basically because of my mistake my bro got beat pretty bad by my dad for something he didn’t do. (In my defense, I didn’t know he would get into trouble…) It was a pretty big deal though as my teachers had somehow deduced from what I said that my brother was abusing me- which obviously was not true.

When I told him the truth about why he got hit that time his response was just ‘I knew I didn’t do anything wrong!’ (Sorry Ray…. I still feel bad about that incident…)

When we were younger he wanted to give me a ‘tattoo’ by burning a split pin on a candle and then pressing it on my skin..unfortunately he pressed too long and branded me so I have a scar on my hand. He says he still feels guilty about it but I reckon what I did to him was worse.

My scar

Another things is that he has always always always been there for me. When he went away to Uni that was pretty difficult for me but I think it also got us closer. We used to chat on the phone almost everyday. He can make me laugh like nobody else can. Whenever I’m around him, I’m always laughing and I forget all the things I’m stressed about.

When my parents went back to HK and I was living on my own, Ray acted like a mum, dad, friend as well as a big bro. He’s always supportive and always gives great advice, even though sometimes he can be a little too honest with his words XD

He’s also great with people. He’s one of those people that can walk into a room and everyone in there wants to be friends with him. I on the other hand walk into a room and cower in the corner in fear.

I guess a big part of me aspires to become like him. He’s a great role model (although not so great when it comes to doing his coursework…thankfully I am more motivated when it comes to that) and if I had to choose someone to be my big brother, I’d choose him every time. Love ya man! XD


P.s Ray complained that I didn’t mention him when I made my “2 most important people” post last week…so I promise this isn’t a ‘pity’ post. This is what daily prompt gave me and I so happened to pick you OK?!



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