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I control my destiny

Another post from the daily prompt: “Do you believe in fate or do you believe you can control your own destiny?”

I have always had the belief that the one who controls my destiny is me. I am responsible for my success and failure and I have nobody else to blame but myself if things don’t go my way. Perhaps because this is the attitude that my parents have towards life and so I have picked this belief up from them, but it is something that I live my life by.

One of my morals in life is that if I try hard enough, I will achieve what I want. I think this is what pushes myself to be a better person and to achieve my goals. If I laze around not doing anything, I can’t expect to be successful in life.

There are people that are successful when they don’t appear to do much, perhaps they mooch off their family or step on others to get higher up, but they will get to a point when they can’t go any higher without doing any work. Then those that work hard and live their lives honestly will rise up above them.

Whether my belief is true or not I cannot say, but for my life so far, it has worked- my hard work has always been rewarded at the end and so I will carry on living my life by abiding by this belief.

Even if it’s not true- if I am trying my best at all times, then at least I know I have tried!


13 thoughts on “I control my destiny

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  2. It annoys me when people who put 0% work in get all the rewards – when all us hard-workers struggle! 😛

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