You who came from the…Korean dramas.

For many asians, watching korean dramas is an important part of their life. The only problem is – the people on korean dramas are PERFECT.

Boys Over Flowers, a very popular Kdrama about a poor girl in a rich private school falling in love with the heir of a huge company
Boys Over Flowers, a very popular Kdrama about a poor girl in a rich private school falling in love with the heir of a huge company

Whether you watch the teen rom-com dramas or the more serious dramas targeted at the ‘ahjummas/아줌마’ (married women), the people in these dramas are always perfect.

For the female protagonists, they are always skinny, beautiful, pale skinned, doe eyed, coming from a difficult situation and at the end of the drama making it through as a successful rich, and bagging the beautiful, handsome, rich man.

You are My Destiny – Yoona is so beautiful!

For the male protagonists, they are always tall, handsome, anime/manga like characters, either coming from a rich family or at least they will certainly dress like they come from a rich family.

Popular drama heirs- about well, heirs and heiresses! How can people be just so perfect?!?!

It’s so difficult to imagine how so many beautiful people can get together like this is real life. I don’t think I have ever seen people that look like them in real life EVER. (Although I do have a distant cousin that looks a bit like Baekhyun from EXO and when I see him I go a little bit giggly as if I am actually meeting Baekhyun… >_<)

Baekhyun! ❤

What is it with Koreans and their perfect looking celebs? Their idols, actors/actresses, even their sports stars (See figure skater Kim Yuna!) are BEAUTIFUL.

At the moment, the Kdrama on everyones TV/Laptop/Ipad/Tablet is ‘You who came from the Stars’ (Hence the title of this post- see what I did there..?!) Even my mum and dad have been going on about it! I have been resisting the urge to watch any kdramas lately as I have tonnes of work to do and if I start, I know I won’t be able to stop until the series is finished. It’s meant to be about an alien who landed on the earth 400 years ago and he falls in love with an obnoxious actress. Cue cheesy love story of will they won’t they get together. As always, they have their usual cast of perfect, beautiful people.

You who came from the stars

Ever since I’ve gotten into Kdramas and Kpop, it has definitely made me feel more self-conscious. Why do I not look like that- how can I look like that? Never in a million years could I ever look like that, even if I starved myself for 6 months, I would still not look anywhere as slim as they do and I would need tonnes of plastic surgery to give me facial features in such perfect proportions!

Not only this, but I think it also makes many people- girls and boys alike, have quite an unrealistic idea of what to expect from the opposite sex. We all hear about how bad porn is for making guys have an unrealistic idea of what girls bodies should be etc, well Korean drama is like porn for Kdrama addicts. Obviously, we know it’s all fake, the storylines are all made up to make us interested- but it still gets absorbed into us. The thought that there is someone out there like the person in the drama.

The perfect guy/girl. With the looks, the body, the money, the connections AND the best personality.

Someone who can make everything fall into place and your life will be happily ever after.

I wonder if there really is anyone out there like that though. I think that actually we are the ones that make the people we meet who they are. They may not be perfect to anyone else, but if they make you happy and comfortable- then they’ll be perfect for you.

They don’t need to be tall, attractive, perfect bodied, rich like those in korean dramas, they just need to be what makes you shine at your brightest. Thats what makes them perfect.

I’m still waiting for my perfect guy- what about you?


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