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What it means to be friends

What it means to be friends

I’ve always loved the series Friends, it’s not just the comedy and the jokes, but the sense of closeness and the support that the characters give each other. They’re always there for each other, through thick and thin and when they make mistakes, the others are always there to forgive them and help them get back on the right track.

This is the way I feel about my friends.

My last few weekends have been great as I have been able to spend time with 2 very separate groups of friends, although I wished they could have met each other as I think they would really get on ^_^.

Spending time with them and going through different challenges and experiences throughout our friendship has made me realise just what it means to be friends.

Friends choose to always be there for you whether it’s happy times or sad.

It doesn’t matter whether you are crying your eyes out or laughing your head off. We’ll be there for you, we can cry together, laugh together, get angry together. Whatever emotion you are feeling we’re there to share it. If you’re sad we’ll comfort you, if you’re angry we’ll calm you, if you’re happy we’ll celebrate with you. If you do something wrong, we’ll give it to you straight, but we will also forgive you. That’s what friends are for.

I have gone through so many emotions with my friends, when I feel down or worried, they’ve always been there for me and I hope that I can always be there for them too. No matter how far away from each other you are, if you can’t be there in person, you’ll always be there in spirit.

With todays technology, it’s even easier to maintain a connection with your friends and I am so so glad that we can chat through so many means as I feel like my friends are still all around me even when they are far away.

I feel sad that we can’t live close like in Friends, but it’s ok, because I know we’ll still chat like they do in the coffee house, just it will probably be on Facebook chat XD

My decision to move to HK is a big one, and I’ll be even further away from my friends which is a daunting thought, but I have no doubt that we’ll chat just as much as we do now and we’ll be just as close.

I hope my friends know just how much I appreciate them for their support and friendship and most of all for just being them. I love you guys!! XD



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