25 Things (inspired by my good friend Sara! ^_^)

So, I saw this on my friend Sara’s blog: Bobo the Fishy and I thought it would be nice for me to have a look at that list too.

So I think it’s meant to be 25 things you’re meant to have done before you’re 25.. now as I’ve only just turned 22.. it gives me 3 years to do the rest of the things that I haven’t done so I have some time still!

  1. Learn how to play an instrument – I learnt to play the keyboard when I was in primary school and I can play random songs on the guitar.. I think that counts… XD
  2. Face one of your fears – Hmmm one of my biggest fears is heights… but I love rollercoasters despite this so I’m a bit weird. I have been thinking that it would be awesome to do bungee jumping though but because I am afraid of heights I have never done it so many one day I will go bungee jumping! 
  3. Learn to recognise a fine wine – I’m not a massive fan of wine so I don’t think I will ever be able to do this…
  4. Get your bearings in a new place without a map – I don’t really tend to use maps and because of uni and placement and stuff I have moved around a lot so I think I can tick this one off !
  5. Finally tell that person how you feel – I have told a guy my feelings for him before (it was in secondary school but hey that counts!) so I think I cant tick this one off too. 
  6. Go to a party where you don’t know anyone – Ooooh one where I know nobody… I’ve been to a party where I only knew a handful of people but to go to one where I don’t know anyone would be harder… Although I have gone to a BBC social meet when I didn’t know anyone.. does that count?!
  7. Open a savings account – I have a savings account! 
  8. Revisit your old school – I did go to see my secondary school but it was not that long after I left so it would be nice to go back again now that it’s been so many years!
  9. Travel on your own – This one I really hope I can do soon. I love travelling although the thought of doing it on my own scares me a bit.. but it could be an amazing experience- where would I go, what would I do -oooh the possibilities!
  10. Finally finish that novel you’ve been taking ages to read – I read quite a lot anyway so there isn’t really anything I’m currently taking ages to read so I’m going to tick this off since I do lots of reading. 
  11. Make an investment – I don’t exactly have lots of money at the moment so this one is going to have to wait until I have money to invest. 
  12. Experiment in cooking – I do this lots! I’m always trying out new recipes and stuff. I do it less now that I’m living with my dad, but when I was on placement I was always cooking and baking! 
  13. Party all weekend, like the full 48 hours – During freshers week I partied every night for almost 2 weeks but I don’t think I went for the full 48 hours… Unfortunately I don’t think I would be able to take that much partying… I would much prefer a night in with a movie, close friends and a cup of hot chocolate! 
  14. Volunteer – I have done quite a lot of volunteer work since secondary school so I can safely tick this off. I even helped out in the local library once with a kids event…it was a long time ago though and I don’t actually remember what the event was for.. I think I had to do lots of cutting and sticking though ^_^
  15. Teach someone one of your skills – I was a maths tutor during secondary school so I can possibly tick this off!
  16. Fight for a cause – Oh this one is a toughie. I’m not the most outspoken of people, if I have an opinion I tend to keep it to myself so to actually fight for something..in front of people is something that I am unlikely to do. That doesn’t mean I won’t do it though.. I just need to find the right cause! 
  17. Dump bad friends – Hmmm I dunno if it counts as dumping but I have a small selection of good close friends that I keep contact with often and some friends who I have realised were not good for me I don’t contact at all.. does that count as dumping?! 
  18. Treat your parents to dinner – I can definitely tick this off! I’m always treating my parents to dinner! 🙂 
  19. Go on a blind date – I’ve never gone on a blind date.. I’m not sure I want to! The thought of not knowing who the person is kinda scares me! 
  20. Camp under the stars – Camping basically is under the stars right?! Unless this means without a tent.. in which case I don’t think I could do this… I like camping and I’ve gone camping before but always always always with a tent! 
  21. Sing your heart out at a karaoke bar – Back when I had more confidence I did do this-now I probably couldn’t but maybe when I go to HK I will do more karaoke, I hear HK is big on its karaoke! 
  22. Go on a road trip – Yes I did this last year! My placement buddies and I went on a roadtrip… only to the next village but we took the day off work and went exploring and it was pretty cool, then the next day we all went to Thorpe park! That was an amazing week! 
  23. Completely dominate a dance floor – I’ve been to a club once where it was pretty much just my group of friends and nobody else on the dancefloor (or the club..) so I’m going to take that as dominating the dance floor… XD
  24. Learn how to solve a Rubik’s cube – Ok… and why would I want to do this?!
  25. Celebrate the New Year in a city you’ve never been to before – I’ve celebrated new year in HK and in UK so… I guess I need to go somewhere new.. like Tokyo… or New York… that would be amazing!! 

So that was it!

Woah.. so I still have 10 things on this list to do before I’m 25….Well there are 4 in that list that I’m pretty sure I’ll never do so it’s not too bad… it’s doable! XD

Here is my friend Saras take on the list: 25 Things


6 thoughts on “25 Things (inspired by my good friend Sara! ^_^)

    1. Haha, well seeing as I copied you I had to link people back to your blog too! 🙂

      It is a strange list… lol I’m pretty sure there are things I would never do on there lol. XD

      1. Yeah I know! Lol XD I don’t even really know what you can invest on.. does it mean like buying stocks and stuff…? Although you could probably say your house is an investment.. if it goes up in house prices you could sell it and make money!

      2. Haha maybe! Ok I’ll say I’ve done that one 😛 Or that we have invested in our futures by doing a degree lol

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