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Red Hot Buffet Cardiff Review!

Red Hot Buffet from outside. It looks small from here but it’s actually massive.

I went to Red Hot Buffet for my birthday, so I thought I would do a review on my experience. I have actually been there before a few times but that was when it first opened around 2 years ago.

I remember that I did use to like this place so I had high expectations when I went on my birthday.

When we first arrived, it was pretty quiet which is to be expected for a monday evening. Despite this, we had to wait quite a while at the door before anybody came to take us to a table, even though we could see some of the waitresses were standing around not doing much. I have a feeling that it’s meant to be the managers job to show us to our seats though and that’s why the waitresses didn’t do anything even though they definitely saw us standing there.

When we finally got a table, nobody came to explain how it works or take our drinks, which they did the last few times I was there. In fact the last time I was there 2 years ago, the service was much much better and there were quite a few managers around rather than just the one we saw the other night.

The thai noodles were OK, I really liked them last time I went, but this time they were only ok.
The thai noodles were OK, I really liked them last time I went, but this time they were only ok.

The food there was also just as disappointing as the service. The mains were only lukewarm at best and all tasted a bit strange. The foods that I did enjoy however, were the spicy mussels- they were really yummy. I like spicy foods so I really liked this.

The sushi station was ok, I ate a lot of sushi because the other things on offer weren’t that great, although if sushi is what I wanted to eat, I would have gone to a Japanese restaurant instead. The rice was a bit hard- either because the sushi had been sitting out, or because they didn’t use proper sushi rice, either way- it wasn’t what I would call good sushi. (coming from someone that is an avid sushi fan and have gone to all sorts of sushi places..)Β 

The best part of Red Hot Buffet, which I think everyone agrees with me, is the desserts section. I think that perhaps they actually try so hard in making the desserts great that they neglect the other foods.

The dessert section is massive, there are all sorts of cakes, fruit, ice cream, there was even a pancake station, waffles and a chocolate fountain!

Unfortunately the pancake station wasn’t open when I went, but I’ve heard that it’s pretty good. Pancakes are pretty easy though, so it’s not hard to be good.

Creme brulee, strawberry cheesecake and melon
Creme brulee, strawberry cheesecake and melon

I went for one of my favourite desserts – Creme Brulee, and then some fruits before finishing it off with a bowl of bubblegum and mango ice cream. I did enjoy all of this. My dad thought the creme brulee was too sweet for him, but I have a sweet tooth so I thought it was delish!

I actually had a hard time trying to find a small spoon though to eat my dessert with. When I was there a few years ago, they had spoons by the dessert section that you could take back with you as the spoon that they have on the table is definitely not a dessert spoon. I walked around the dessert section for ages and couldn’t find any spoons so in the end I just went back to my table and used the spoon they have on the table.

Overall, I was thoroughly disappointed with my experience. There were a few foods that I enjoyed, however I would have rather paid a bit extra to go to a restaurant where I could have enjoyed more of my meal.

It is a buffet, so quantity over quality is to be expected, but I have been to buffets where the food is much better, and the food here 2 years ago was definitely much better.

I don’t think I will be returning unfortunately, and I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone unless all they want to eat is lots of dessert.


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