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Birthday weekend and day :)

I’m 22! I feel old now… XD

I had a wonderful birthday weekend and I’m sad that it’s over already 😦

It started off with a lovely saturday travelling up to Stoke to visit my placement friends. It was so nice to see them again, although I was sad as one of my friends from France was supposed to come too, but she was ill so she couldn’t come in the end. It was such a shame as we had planned it for a while and we were really looking forward to seeing her again and catching up.

The journey was long, but I was excited! I sent this snapchat to my friend! XD
The journey was long, but I was excited! I sent this snapchat to my friend! XD

We had lots to talk about and it just felt so nice to be surrounded by such lovely people again. It get’s quite lonely in Cardiff, even though I live with dad, I don’t have many friends at Uni now that everyone has graduated and so I feel as if there aren’t many people I can talk to.

We started off having lunch at a cute little place in Trentham Gardens (although we didn’t actually go inside the gardens). It was so cold and windy and raining but the food was yummy!

Oh, and there was this MASSIVE sweet shop there aswell, and people who know me know that I have a sweet tooth! I love sweets even though I can go for ages without eating any as I try not to buy any when I can as I don’t want to rot my teeth… but I did buy a little bit of pic’n’mix there… 😉 Hehe

After lunch, we went back to my friend’s place, where we settled down with some good old saturday night TV and a cuppa. (We’re british, so tea is a must after a cold day out!)


Later on in the night, we played what is possibly our favourite drinking game of all time – Ring of Fire. We played this a every house party back in our placement days and now that we’re no longer on placement, that doesn’t mean we stop playing this game!

This was our ring of fire, the King forfeit was Oddka shots- Oddka is absolutely revolting!!!
This was our ring of fire, the King forfeit was Oddka shots- Oddka is absolutely revolting!!!

For people that don’t know what ROF is (Where have you been all these years?!?!) Basically, you have a full deck of cards around a bottle/glass (the beverage in the middle of the ring is the forfeit for the King card.) and each person draws a card from the ring which corresponds to a certain rule. I know lots of different rules that people play for this game, so we usually confirm the rules before playing the game and sometimes we mix it up a bit if there are rules that we don’t particularly like. XD

We didn’t get too drunk this weekend (I held back a little- I didn’t want to get as drunk as I did the last time I met up with these guys.. I had the most awful hangover after that time) but it was still very fun and we had such a laugh.

The next morning, we woke up pretty late- we got up around 9-10ish, although I think most of us were awake earlier than that. I had to leave to catch the train at 2, so we went for a quick breakfast at an oatcake place before we all went our seperate ways.

Yummy Oatcake with bacon and egg! Nomnomnom! I can't wait to eat this again next time I'm up!
Yummy Oatcake with bacon and egg! Nomnomnom! I can’t wait to eat this again next time I’m up!


My friends told us that Stoke oatcakes were famous and that everyone eats them, so it was something we had to try. After having an oatcake in Stoke, I can see why they are loved by the people in Stoke. They were amazing! I was almost sad that I had to leave stoke just because I wanted to eat them again! I shall have to go back to Stoke sometime to have them again…and to see my friend of course! XD

Cute Lion cake! Very yummy :)
Cute Lion cake! Very yummy 🙂

My friends also bought me a cute little birthday cake- which I did not expect as we didn’t meet up for my birthday, it was just a get together that happened to fall the weekend before my birthday so I didn’t really expect anything. I was very thankful and happy that they got me a cake though ^_^



Today, I spent my day very chilled out, I had a lie-in to catch up on the sleep I lost over the weekend and then Dad took me out for dinner in the evening.

We went to Red Hot Buffet in Cardiff city centre, which was ok- it wasn’t as good as I last remembered. I may do a review on this when I have some time so watch out for that! I will say though that it was a little disappointing as I remember I did really like it when I went about 2 years ago. The dessert section was good as always though!


2 thoughts on “Birthday weekend and day :)

  1. Ahh glad you had a good weekend in Stoke! Annnd I’m super glad you love oatcakes as much as me now :-P! In general people who aren’t from Stoke tend to not like them 😥 they’re amazing!

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