First time Kimchi 김치 Making!

Ever since I first fell in love with Korean culture and all things korean, I’ve always wanted to know how to make Kimchi – a staple in Korean cuisine.

When I was in Seoul in the summer, I noticed that Kimchi was served as a side dish with every single meal I had and there were different variations of this dish, and some places tasted much better than others!

Kimchi in Seoul!

So, this christmas I decided to make my own kimchi and I’m going to share with you guys my first kimchi making experience!

I looked up about a 5 or 6 recipes but they all seemed quite different, I wasn’t really sure which one to go for so in the end I opted for using a mixture of all 3 and throwing in ingredients that my dad told me might be good- I’ve never met anyone who cooks better than my dad so I trusted his judgement!

Check out my pics below!

2013-12-27 15.33.25 2013-12-27 15.35.152013-12-27 15.44.262013-12-27 15.56.42 2009-01-01 00.00.00-52013-12-27 16.14.262013-12-27 17.24.192013-12-27 17.29.36


I’m actually quite pleased with the results – It tastes quite good, although I think I was a bit heavy handed with the chilli powder- Its sooooo spicy! Haha thankfully I can generally handle my heat ^_^ I left it out to ferment for a day and a half before putting it in the fridge but I think I might experiment next time I do this again and leave it out a little more to get more of that sour taste.

The one thing I did notice while making this though is how messy I made the kitchen- having said that though, I’m always messy when I cook/make anything in the kitchen XD Whenever I’m finished in the kitchen, it always looks like a bomb went off… I don’t know why, but I just always accidently flick things everywhere! I think maybe I use bowls that are too small… Haha.


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