Things I learnt on Placement

So I’ve meaning to do a blog post on this when I first started this blog but I have lots of uni work so its taken me until now to do this- Sorry! ^_^

I have actually decided to split the original post into 2 different posts as there was so much to write about, so this post will be about what I learnt on placement, and I will write about the process of getting my placement later…

Student Scientists having fun! XD
Student Scientists having fun! XD

Things I learnt on placement:

  • I thought that there would be a big difference between us student scientists and the full-time staff there. They would be more mature and…adult-like! Nahhhh! They are exactly the same as us, I wasn’t treated any differently despite the age gap and even by senior members of staff, I was treated the same as everyone else and got on really well with everyone. I think I also matured a lot to fit in with everyone around me.
Teambuilding games! XD
Teambuilding games! XD
  • LC-MS/MS is so coooool!!! So this was a technique that I only ever learnt about in Uni but had no real hands-on experience so to be able to use this everyday and generate important data was really interesting and fuelled my passion to do a PhD in this area.
ThermoVantage 5000, we called him Postman Pat!
ThermoVantage 5000, we called him Postman Pat!
  • An understanding of the pharmaceutical industry- It was really interesting to see how they do things and its showed me that its definitely something I would like to go back to when I graduate
  • Everyone makes mistakes- even the senior scientists make mistakes, so it’s about how you correct those mistakes, not who made the mistake.
  • How to balance social/work/Uni – My course involves doing the core modules of the BSc Chemistry course which meant I had a loooooot of lectures to go through in the evenings with coursework as well as writing a large project report and doing a presentation, so I had to manage my time well to make sure I wasn’t behind in lectures but still having a bit of a social life too!
Chemistry degree- you definitely get your tuition fees worth of work!
Chemistry degree- you definitely get your tuition fees worth of work!
  • Another thing I learnt, which is quite evident from the pictures from my placement is that work doesn’t mean 9-5 in the office or lab with no social life. The company was always organising social events and rather than feeling like those people that we saw everyday were just colleagues, they were all our friends too. It was actually so much fun working there and there was always something going on!
  • And lots more! This post will be ridiculously long if i carried on so I should try to limit it just to those key points mentioned above!

My Placement year was the most amazing and unforgettable experience where I met some really amazing friends so I would definitely recommend going on placement. Not only do you make really great connections that will really help when you are looking for jobs after graduation, you really mature as a person and it may even make you realise there is another path you want to take, like me wanting to do a PhD thanks to enjoying using LC-MS/MS. I would never have wanted to pursue Β PhD in this if I didn’t do my placement.

(Plus, if you’re lucky, you can find placements that are paid like mine was… which means you have more money to spend too!XD)

Feel free to ask me about placements if you’re thinking of doing one or any other questions about my degree, I’m always happy to help!



2 thoughts on “Things I learnt on Placement

    1. Hi! I wouldn’t worry about your placement right now if you’re in your first year. I applied during my second year of uni by myself. My uni didn’t help us much in terms of getting placement positions, other than advertising. You should just go to any campus recruitment events and speak to people and get an idea of what kind of companies you want to work for and then go from there. I applied to a few companies (many companies have online application for industry positions) and for the company I ultimately worked for I applied through email.

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