I love Fridays!

Yay! Its finally the weekend! I always get hyper on fridays because I like knowing that I have some time to have a break – finally!

I spent all day at uni and then most of my evenings doing uni work, so its nice to have a weekend where although I still do some uni work, I still have time to relax a little bit and spend some quality time with my wonderful father.

This weekend is especially exciting as I will be having a reunion with a couple of the students that I became really good friends with during my placement last year. I made some really good friends and so I have been looking forward to seeing them again for ages. I’m really hoping that even after I’ve left for HK, I will still make the effort to visit them and speak to them and we won’t end up being strangers again, as we had such a good time altogether.

Other students on placement with me
Other students on placement with me

As I have gotten older, I realise that its actually much easier to stay friends with the people than I used to think when I first went to Uni. I wonder if its because the friends I met after Uni are just better suited to me or just because I am a bit more mature…

There are those friends that no matter how long it’s been since you last seen them, when you finally meet – it feels like you’ve never been apart. There’s still so much to talk about, and nothing’s changed- you’re still the same people you were back then.

I text/message my bestie quite often, even though we rarely see each other, we’re very much in each others lives and always make the effort to visit each other when we can. When I was on placement, we were always messaging each other and I made the trip back to wales every so often to meet up with everyone and now that I’m back at Uni and she’s left for her PhD, she comes to visit me!

I’ve no doubt that even when I’m in HK, I will continue speaking to her and we’ll see each other as we get married, have kids and grow old! XD



What about you? What do you like to do on the weekend? Do you still keep in touch with your old friends? When was the last time you spoke to an old buddy?



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