PhD Research Proposal

I have finally finished my PhD Applications. YAY!!! *Dances around the room crazily* 

It only took me about 2 days to actually do the full application/uploading documents/filling in all the questions, research statements, research proposal. So why did it take me 3 months to actually finally get it done?! 

I would tidy the house, go for a 3 hour walk, wash all the dishes, go through all the cupboards, make myself copious amounts of tea just to avoid doing the one last thing to complete my PhD application – the dreaded PhD Proposal. 

The fact of the matter is – It stresses me out- BIGTIME. 

The supervisor had already given me the title to get me going, but he had told me in advance that he doesn’t expect anything good as he wouldn’t expect someone who is coming into the research group with little knowledge of his research to have my own ideas already of how to conduct research. Actually he said he will probably edit most of it for me.

This should have made me feel at ease, instead it made me feel like I needed to write something really really amazing to prove that I am not just any regular student- I am a good student worthy of a place in his research group. 

So, cue the stereotypical student procrastination activities- tidying like my life depended on it, telling myself I’ll do it after one more episode of whatever it is I’m watching, random walking (pacing?!) around the house. However today, finally, I have finished writing it. Image


My amazing big brother and his girlfriend were kind enough to give it a quick read before I sent it to my supervisor but I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I can finally relax knowing that the application process is done and there is nothing I need to do until March when I get notified if I have been accepted or not! 🙂

Now time to celebrate with a nice cup of tea….

-what? You can never drink too much tea ^_^ I’m british remember? 


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