A productive saturday!

So, today I’ve been specially motivated – for several reasons:

1. I can’t wait to move back to HK after I graduate

2. I can’t wait to start my PhD this time next yearΒ 

3. I want to do myself, my family and my friends proud and get that First class Honours!! (As I did a year in industry and my close friends didn’t, they all graduated this year and my 3 close friends are the 3 people-the only 3 people in the year to get First class honours…>_< Which puts pressure on me to do the same T_T)

I spent most of my day writing up lecture notes, organising my lectures and workshops and then spent the evening going through everything in the house picking out things that we can donate to charity.

I always end up picking out quite a lot of clothes that I have never worn and trying them on to decide whether I want to keep it or not.

It’s a good excuse for me to try everything on in my wardrobe and see what I actually have in my wardrobe! As a Chemistry student- I’m in the lab quite often and so can never be bothered to dress up for Uni and just wear the first thing I see in the wardrobe, so there are sometimes some hidden jems in the back that I never come across-not that I always wear them even after I have found them again…

Look at what I found in my wardrobe!
Look at what I found in my wardrobe!

If there is one thing that I find stress-relieving, it is throwing things out. We have so much stuff in the house that we bought and never used, or that we’ve only ever used once and then its been put in the back of the cupboard and forgotten about.

I recommend having a regular clear-out of the stuff in your house as it not only helps you declutter your house, but for the charity that you donate your items to, it can really help.


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